Me on the Map

Imagine a group of young designers and realtors all plotting and planning.  That’s was what Me on the Map was like in session.  A group of people called Me on the Map came in and led us through a few engaging activities that included working in groups to vote for favourite buildings using 3-D objects to make the buildings.  They even made rating cards by surveying people!

The space in question was by Trillium turf fields, down by the train station.  It was a scenario in which we decided what could go there.


The presenters were committed, enthusiastic and happy to work with us.  I found the activities fun, and from that experience I know what designing feels like. I would love doing the activities again.  From those who were in our class two years ago like me, they enjoyed doing a similar activity in which we made our own city and our own buildings like art galleries, saw mills and five departments.  I hope that other schools will have an opportunity to do these things and learn to enjoy how fun these people and activities are.

by coolschoolscout


The zoo on the map was exciting!  I liked the library on the map.  I joined a group and together we constructed a map outline.  Before the map presentation we coloured our own individual maps and hung them up in the classroom.  We glued map icons on to our own maps.  I liked the drawings on the map.  I liked the luxury condo on the map.


by Seagull

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