The New VSB Organics Program

It’s hard to come up with a good hook about composting, but our school’s new Organics program is actually quite interesting. We started the program about 2 weeks before Spring Break and so far it has been a success.  The different types of bins are Food Waste and Regular Waste.  The bins have been placed at both ends of the hallway on both levels as well as several in the lunchroom.  Students have been asked to put their natural waste in the green bins and their garbage in the black bins.


There have been a number of school-wide presentations about the program from Assemblies to PA announcements.  Our school is bringing in the program to create a healthier and greener community.  This program is widely known and is expected to keep going throughout our district.  This program has brought many changes to our school that are now being accepted.  Our school has benefited from this program and we hope it grows larger.

by Subway2go and Doctor Pineapple



  1. Aldwyn2000

    It is definetly nice to not have to throw out bananna peels in the garbage! I also noticed that some of the same countainers are at Kensington comunity centre and IKEA.

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