Voici Ma Famille Projet!

Lately, we’ve been busy with our French Project.  The project was about our families.  We recently finished the projects and we thoroughly enjoyed making them.  The criteria was to make a Family Tree or Album and to write it all in French.  We had to record our family members’ birthdays, age, name and how they are related to us, all in French.  We also had to draw or print a picture of that family member.  This project was introduced and taught to us by Nik, our beloved Vice Principal and French teacher.  We only have French on Monday so it was tricky to finish it in time for the due date.

“Division 16 was such an enthusiastic, hardworking and diligent class to do French with.  It was so nice to work with such a calm group at the end of the day.” – Nik, Dickens Vice Principal.

Au revoir pour le moment!

by the awesomest & Scarletcat


  1. NCVP

    Kudos to all of you, Division 16! The Family Albums and Trees were such a joy to read! Thank you for sharing a part of you with me!

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