Our class has the most ancient couches ever!! Some might even be over 15 years old but they are still super comfortable.  We think that learning in comfortable places makes it easier to learn.  The couches make us feel less stressed and less pressured to do things and they’re an awesome place to read.  The couches are always open to sit on (unless they’re being used) so when you feel tired or sleepy you can always count on the couches for a cozy place to learn.  I bet we’re making our class seem like the most amazing and easy-going class which is all true, but we still have rules like no shoes on the couch, but we pretty much fit as many people on the couches as we can.  Jody has her own chair… well, Jody and Clover.


by Fireboltseer2134 and Who gets money


  1. Aldwyn2000

    nice post Firebolt seer! And it’s trure. We all love the couches and enjoy learning in this kind of space.

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