Gymnastics Routines

Runs, Jumps, Lands… These are the three things that you’d see our class do in gymnastics.

This past week on Tuesdays and Thursdays our class has been testing the equipment in the gym.  Our gym is filled with all sorts of equipment that you can climb, balance, hang, roll, tumble, flip and jump off or over.

When our class comes into the gym, we always make sure to take off our shoes and socks.  We also take off any loose jewelry and clothing.  At the end of gymnastics, all of the groups will present the routines in front of the class.

Here is our criteria:


by reader

Gymnastics is one of my favourite things to do in the school year.  So far, for the past few days, my class has gone to Gymnastics every week on Tuesday and Thursday. For the first week we tested the equipment in the gym.  Some of the equipment that we tested was the bar, beam and tumbling station in the gym.  For the second week we got into groups of 5 people (no more, no less) and we have until the end of April to make our routines and present to the class.




    • Aldwyn2000

      I like that you are excighted ’cause guess what! I am excighted to! P.S. nice job bloging when you can.

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