Sunnyside Park Tree Art


Do you know that Emily Carr is such a famous painter there is a Vancouver School named after her?  Emily Carr loved to paint First Nations Totem Poles and tress.  Our student teacher, Carl, was showing us about Emily Carr and her amazing paintings.  Carl sent us outside to Sunnyside Park and he said that you can pick any tree to draw and to paint.  Emily’s paintings are colourful and very close up.  The colours that Emily mostly used were green, brown, blue, dark green and light blue.  Years ago, she bravely explored coastal communities and painted how people lived in nature.  Some people thought her paintings were strange and crooked.  Other people thought her paintings were different, but were beautiful close-ups.  We all really liked to do art.  We love drawing and creating trees from the Sunnyside Park.  My favourite part of drawing is picking a tree so we try to copy.  It was really fun running around looking for which tree you would like to draw.  When we finished the drawings we started painting them.  When we were finished all the painting that I saw were so colourful and very different.

by balloongirl123 and Lightningboy123


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