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This Wednesday, we had the pleasure of learning about different virtues of your character.  Virtues are the good aspects of our spirit and it is said that the more virtues you have, the closer you are to being a kinder person.  There are over 100 different virtues that you can have like detachment, reverence and faith.  There were cards that we chose and each card had a different Virtue, there were explanations about your virtue, quotes and how to have that virtue.

Each person would read a card and after one person was done, another person would acknowledge them.  I had a bit of an understanding of your spirit, but thanks to that lesson (and more to come) I can look forward to learning more.  My favourite part of the Virtues Project was talking about how the virtues connect to us and learning to respect each other.  I hope you have a bit more knowledge about Virtues than before you read this post!

by coolschoolscout

Naslishah, our facilitator, asked us to think about this question.  Please answer in the comments below!

Name someone you admire, this person may be a figure in history or a person in your life.  What is the core virtue this person practices?  What attracts you to this core virtue?

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  1. coolschoolscout

    I think that my Mum is a person with many different virtues, but I think that one of her most important virtues is her Understanding virtue. Whenever a problem occurs with us, she doesn’t just take one position and be stubborn. She listens to everyone, and thinks that everybody has their own feelings. I admire her for this virtue because it is hard sometimes to only think about yourself, but she is very understanding, to anyone.

  2. Scarletcat

    I think that Laura Secord was a woman with many, many virtues. One of her most important virtues is her courageous and bravery virtues. With those virtues she was able to make a 32 km trek to save our country. Without them we would not live in such an amazing place like we do today. I admire those virtues because they helped her save our country and they can help other people stand up for themselves or take risks to help others like Laura Secord.

  3. dickensdiv16

    A person I really admire is my friend Tami. I think she embodies the virtue of Steadfastness, among others. She has been a teacher to many students, including being my teacher at many times in my life. She is dependable, and steady in my life and has been a role model for me in many ways. Tami stays true to her beliefs and is always up for a discussion about values. I know I can count on her, and I feel like she encourages me to keep learning and always do my best. She has been an important person in my life for 17 years as a friend, mentor and colleague. I think she makes me a better person.

  4. Jr.fruitcake

    A person I admire is Leonel Messi. He is the perfect example of determination and forgiveness. For those of you who don’t know Leonel Messi is, he is possibly the best soccer player in the world. The reason I see determination in him is that he always keeps going no matter how badly the other team hacks him, he goes literally until he can not go any farther. I see forgiveness in him because no matter how badly those same people hack him game after game he still shakes their hand pats their back and is never rude. It helps when you are in that situation to think of him and keep going.

  5. Aldwyn2000

    My figure is my grandmother Karen liddle, her vitures are… cleanliness (she can’t think in a mess)!, she is patient (she has to deal with up to five grandchildren at once), she is also very reliable and trust worthy (you can trust her with any secret you do not want any one else to know). These are not all of her vitures but if I wanted to say every single viture she has that would not only be a very long list but also I think that you would lose intrest pretty quickly.

  6. Subway2go

    I admire my Uncle Cal and Auntie Tonya’s courage and determination to travel around the world over one year and one month. This is an amazing example of determination to keep going even when they got lost biking in Germany, or when they had a stomach bug in Guatemala and when most their stuff got stolen (also in Guatemala.) I think traveling around the world takes great courage because many in the the world are in war zones or very different. Also staying away from home for over a year is must take a lot of commitment.

  7. petrinied4000

    I admire Samuel Morse. He was dead for a long time but he still amazes me. Samuel was a painter, but when he saw a giant electromagnet being taken off a ship, he gave up his entire career and started experimenting. I admire his perseverance and his ability to make sacrifices to get what he wanted. I also like how helpful he was. He invented the telegraph machine and Morse code and that helped with mail, transportation, business and rescue. In fact, he saved many lives.


    A person that I admire is my older brother Keegan. One of the many virtues that stands out is that he is so understanding. This stands out because he really tries to understand a problem when anyone comes to him and that is really helpful for me and to everyone around him and that makes it stand out and be so bold compared to all the others on he list.

  9. fireboltseer21345

    I admire Amy Field because of her self respect and accepting of others and herself. Amy and I are very close and next year when I move to a new school and Amy will stop taking care of me I hope we stay in touch. To others I’m sure she’d just be a normal person (I assure you she’s not normal) but to me, I look up to her ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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