Spring Fling

It’s the time of the year again where the flowers bloom and the sum comes out – Spring! And each year at our lovely school we hold a Spring Fling.  It’s one of the most exciting events of the year.  There are games and food to enjoy and one of my favourites, the Dunk Tank.  You sign up to be dunked in freezing cold water.  It may sound bad, but it’s pretty fun!  Performances are held for audiences to watch and prizes are won at the game station in the gym, and a favourite for many, the bouncing castle.  Kids play and adults talk while listening to the live music put on.  So lovely to listen on a sunny day.  But don’t forget to go and auction for the amazing baskets made by the school classes and each one is a different topic.  And while you’re auctioning, you can enjoy a cupcake or treat being sold.  Students and the Parents put so much effort into making the Spring Fling enjoyable by everyone.  Many students even make stuff to sell.  I mean, when can you ever go somewhere and buy a hand-made gift or decoration? So if you’re around, be sure to drop by our school and enjoy the fabulousness of our Spring Fling!  The only rule is be Happy! and have Fun!

by Tee Hee

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