Aboriginal Hoop Dance

Early in the morning of Thursday May 14, 2015, we participated in an Aboriginal Hoop Dance.  While the hoop dancer (Teddy Anderson) danced, he did signals and used the hoops for some signals.  He used some like: the eagle, the horse and the butterfly.  He spoke of his interesting Aboriginal beliefs.  He told us that he wrote a book 7 months ago about the Medicine Wheel.  The Medicine Wheel has 4 colours: Red, white, black and yellow.

By: Aldwyn2000

PS I am the dancer in the yellow hoodie

Today the whole school (well, half the school…) watched an Aboriginal Hoop Dance.  It was very interesting.  His name was Teddy.  He danced for us and he was very funny.  He taught us about the medicine wheel.  The medicine wheel is made up of 4 colours that contain yellow, red, black and white.  They represent the different countries of the world.  It shows equality.  He danced 2 different hoop dances which were both very creative and impressing.  At the end, he invited some people up from the audience and had them copy him.  At the end, he even showed us his published book.  It was very cool.  I’m sure everyone enjoyed the show.  It was amazing to see.  I really hope that he comes again.

by Tee Hee and PointyHedgeHog11

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