Museum of Anthropology

The Museum we all went to was the UBC museum.  What we looked at was paintings, weapons, masks and more.  We split in to two groups, on of the groups, I’m just going to call it watermelon and the other was called peach.  Watermelon group went to the gallery of totem poles and group peach went to the Multiversity galleries.  At the gallery there’s weapons, masks, puppets, boats, teacups, bowls and lots more to see.  The whole class enjoyed it so you can too.

by gigatool2_is_a_girl


On Wednesday, we visited the Museum of Anthropology.  First we went on a bus to get there which included me falling over twice because the bus lurched to a stop.  We learned a lot about First Nations history and saw lots of First Nations statues.

We got to be Archeologists in a lab studying ancient objects and tools.  We made First Nations bracelets and took them home.  Overall it was a learning experience for everyone!

by cheesecurds


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