Division 16’s Essence of Gardens

Coming Soon to the 2015 Spring Fling!

Our class is selling garden rocks and sachets of nice smelling herbs.  In case you are wondering, a garden rock is a rock that has a hand painted picture of a fruit vegetable or herb on it marking what it is and where you planted it in your garden.  Gardeners, recycle those boring old popsicle sticks and soggy paper markers in your garden! These rocks can be used year after year and will delight you every time.  Environmentally friendly and natural, our rocks will bring a smile to your face and to your garden and organization to your life.

If you love relaxing and herbal scents, our sachets are perfect for you.  Harvested from our community gardens, we have gently placed them in organza bags to brighten up your closets, car, and home.

We will have a table on the red courtyard between 4 and whenever we sell out, which is sure to happen.  Come early, buy lots and make garden rocks and scented sachets your next gift for family and friends.

Check out these pictures of our beautiful product as well as our workshop and hardworking students.

Division 16 Essence of Gardens!  Can’t wait to see you!

by Scarletcat





  1. coolschoolscout

    I think that the Spring Fling attendees will simply be delighted by our hard work and commitment to making sachets and garden rocks. All the variety of colour and veggies will light up all gardens!

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