Me On The Map at the Children’s Festival


An opportunity of a school time is by going to the Children’s Festival.  Our class, Division 16, went to 2015 Children’s Festival on May 27.  The opportunity was helping Me On The Map.  We enjoyed it because we got to debate against each other.  From the time they first came, they have made it interesting and more time to think and argue.  What we’re doing is deciding what to put in an actual space in Vancouver.  It is near Trillium Park and they’re sending our maps to the Mayor.  At the workshop, we made different maps.  We made the Consensus Map, the Happiness Map and the Luxury High Rise.

by NerdDurtle

Last Wednesday we had another urban planning meeting at the Children’s Festival in Granville Island with the Me on the Map group.  We had lots of debates and conversation to come to a consensus.  We got put in six groups of 4 to discuss and create a map that had these attributes: happiness, inclusive, healthy, friendly and surprising.  We tried to make the final decision have the most attributes as possible.  We got filmed in action and our video will be posted soon.  We originally had six additions but in the end we could only choose three builds.  In the end we decided playground, forest and library.  It turns out we were the only class to do the program that reached exactly the same choices and reach consensus.  We thought we were extremely lucky to do the program and we think others will enjoy the same experience!

by coolschoolscout and petrinied4000


I really enjoyed how well prepared Me on the Map was, also how much more refined the end product looked.  I liked how you all asked for our opinion.  Next time I would have liked to have more participation from the other Me on the Map adults.  Thank you for your presentations to us!

by Aldwyn2000

Yesterday we went to the Children’s Festival at Granville Island.  First we went on the bus with our little buddies from Jenny and Jeanne’s classes.  When we got there we went to the park to eat lunch.  Then we went to an area where we played twister and made crafts.  After that, we seperated from our little buddies and went to a Me on the Map workshop while our Buddies went to a play.  Me on the Map is where kids get to pick out things that they want to put in an urban space.

We were put into 6 groups of 4 and we had to decide in our groups where we wanted to put our spaces.  After that, we had a discussion with the whole class to decide if there was anything we wanted to change.  Most groups decided to change theirs then they showed us radar charts of our old map compared to the one we had changed.  Then we voted on what we wanted instead of the things that we had before.  Once we had come to a decision we placed the spaces on our map.  Then we saw the new radar charts.  Then we started with our map.  First the people owrking there placed a luxury highrise that had a gym, a pool, a daycare and many more attractions.  The luxury highrise made people very happy but was only for the people who lived there but made everyone else unhappy.  So we had to join together to find something that everyone would like.  Eventually, we agreed on forest, playground and library along with the luxury highrise.  Then we joined up with our Little Buddies and left.

by the awesomest and THE_MOST_AWESOME_PERSON3710

A few weeks ago we were working on “Me On The Map” with a few guests and then there was a field trip to the Children’s Festival.  We went to the festival we came with our Little Buddies.  We got there by bus.  When we got there we had to wear a band that went around our hand called Children’s Festival.  When we got to play for about 15 minutes it was time to go to “Me On The Map.”  Our Little Buddies had to go somewhere else and we went to “Me On The Map”.  We were split into groups.  What we talked about was a speace in the city and see what we should add to the space.  We talked about what we should have like water park, co-op housing etc. and etc. We finished that then we went home.  It was really fun and I hope you had fun too.

by gigatool2_is_a_girl

Yesterday we went on a long journey on four buses and saw lots of geese until we got to Granville Island.  We went to the Children’s Festival and to the Me on the Map presentation where we got to pick what should go where in this one spot in Vancouver.  It was dim lighted in the room and there were all these maps we could sit on on the floor.  The presentation was great and we learned a lot about community.  Overall we had a great time.

by cheesecurds


On Wednesday, May 27 we crossed through the adventurous urban city that we know as Vancouver to get to the home of our meeting “Me on the Map”.  When we got into the building there was someone waiting.  We had met her before at our first meetup.  She had said he plan had just started and now it was nearly complete.  She told us that we were designers and had helped her with her business and tshe had come to return the favour.  She told us the first project we had to do involved the most used structures we had in our draft maps and now we were going to create those structures in 3D.  After we finished that project, a lot of us were unhappy with our minimap so we voted on new buildings and that minimap was much better.  After that, two treacherous real estaters had a horrid idea, plop a giant luxury high-rise in the middle of our happy city.  So to even that we settled on three landmarks to even out the treacherous luxury highrise: a forest, library and playground.

by Cool Sketcher

Did you know that on May 27, 2015 we went to a Me on the Map activity at the Annual Vancouver Children’s Festival?  We had lots of fun there.  Normally entrance would be $12 per person but we are very thankful to Me on the Map and their donors who paid for our entrance.  Did you know our class was the first class that Me On The Map first showed their program to two years ago? We had lots of fun with our Little Buddies too, we made funny hats, played games and had lots of fun at the Children’s Festival and our official activity (MOTM).  At the Me on the Map studio we made our own property lot.  We decided on whether we want services, hospitals, fire departments, luxury highrises and many more things.  Do you know how we got there?  Of course you do!  We bussed there on public transit and bussed back with our Buddies.  Our Buddies are grade K/1/2.  We went to the Festival for 30 minutes when we got there and when we had to go to Me on the Map they went to watch a play.  It was very fun.

by Mario 02

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