Timeline Project

Our class is teaming up with Karim and Tami’s class to do our year end Project!  It is called the Timeline Project.  We are making groups of 3-4 people and topics ______ from celebrity soccer players to the start of Apple computers.  Here is the criteria:

timeline projects

This project is due on June 17.  it is meant to be a short project, so you put a lot of effort into a short period of time.  Teachers have been known to call this project the Grade 7 Swan Song, encouraging them to push themselves and do better.  Our topic is on the brilliant soccer player Ibrahimovic.  We’re thinking about using powerpoint but we are not sure yet.  Another topic a group chose was DC comics.  We can’t wait to see what our finished product will be!

by Subway2go & Jr. Fruitcake

We started a new project!  It is a timeline project.  The first thing we did was listen to guest speakers.  there were 4 guest speakers.  Their names are Alan Woo, Connie Romano, George Heyman and Christian Malcolm.  After all guest speakers came we had a period of time where we wrote on sticky notes about the topic we wanted to do our project on.  Then we took about 10 minutes to find other people with the same ideas.  Then when we found 3-4 people we went to our teachers Jody Karim and Tami to see if they approved of our idea.  If they did you could go and talk with your new group members, but if you didn’t get the okay you had to find a new topic or it might have been too broad or too specific.  Then we got ten extra minutes in case you did not find a group or see Jody, Tami and Karim but if you did all of them you could talk with your group members.  That was all we have done for our Timeline Project.


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