Today for gym class we played something really fun which is called Ultimate Frisbee.  Brian taught us what to do in Ultimate Frisbee.  We watched a video about Ultimate Frisbee.  When we went for gym we went outside to practice some Frisbee.  There’s some people split up into groups there was advanced and easy.  We worked with this guy named Brian.  For the easy part we partnered with each other.  Brian showed us how to throw the Frisbee then we started throwing the Frisbee.  We learned backhand, forehand.  For my prediction I think that forehand is the hardest.

by balloongirl123 and Lightningboy123

A disc slicing through the wind that flows into hands is sometimes caught.  This game is played by both genders around the world.  Important things are respect, teamwork and team spirit.  The game is played on a 120 yard field with 7 players.  Points are given when the disc is caught in the head zone.  Each person may throw in many different ways.  There are 4 parents that are teaching us to play.  This is a good opportunity to try new things that are fun.

by NerdDurtle and Who gets money

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