Memories and a Wish

Our Memories

My favourite part of the year was when we went skating with our little Buddies.  It was exciting for the little ones because one of my buddies hadn’t been skating before

I remember the first project I did this year and it was very successful.  It was called the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame project and I love music so I think that was a great start to the term

My favourite memory from this year is meeting new friends.  I have really made friends with the whole classroom.  Some of them are going to grade 8.  I will miss them.

I loved going on the wooden roller coaster at Playland

My memory is doing the Versailles project with ginger and 3:07MAMc

A memory this year is Wall Projects because it was at the start of the year.  That means we worked with new students.  It took us a while to complete because of other projects

My favourite memory from this year was probably the Future Tech project.  It was the first big project I’d ever done (aside from walls).  I enjoyed having a project that was made up of so many ideas

My favourite memory was when we did TMIH because I liked making the replica

My favourite memories and wishes here at Dickens are spending time with my friends.  My teachers over the past years have been very kind supportive about my work and everyone’s work in their class.

One of my favourite memories from this school year is making so many new friends and getting to share all of my school experiences with them

My favourite memory of this year comes from Term 1.  It was the first day of school in my new class.  I remember coming into the class and I was welcomed very nicely by the students and the teacher and Clover.  That is a memory that I treasure forever because it was a new start for me

My memory is doing the R&RHoF because it was the first project I did in this class and it helped me know what kind of things we were going to do.

My favourite memory this year was going to Playland.  It helped me get over my fear of heights

My favourite memory was when we went to Playland and I was sitting in the front of the log ride and I got SOAKED!  I was dripping wet and I was shivering the rest of the time there

My memory from this year would be about the first couple of months of school, being an older student I used to be the youngest grade and now I’m starting to make friends with people in my situation

My favourite memory was Playland I liked rides

My memory is of when our class went with Carl to the MOA (The museum of Anthropology).  I loved looking at all of the history and learning new things

My wish is that I will do my best on projects

My memory is when I first went into this class I was really shy.  I did not know what to do but when I got to know this class more I had really fun.  I did new things and I had new friends.

My memory for this year was the time I met my friend L****.  That’s important to me because I’m now really good friends with him and we hang out all the time.

My favourite memory from this year was the first week in Jody’s class, specifically the belonging projects.  They let me get a sense of the class and made me feel welcome.

My memory is going to Playland and spending a day with no curriculum or work and just fun with friends and last couple of days with Grade 7s

Our Wishes

My memory is during read aloud when I made my friend B***** because now we hang out all the time

For next year I want to have fun and be better at everything

My wish for next year would be to have a successful grade 7 year and to make new friends because most of mine are leaving next year

My wish for next year is Playland again

My wish is that the school of Laura Secord will recognize me for who I am not for who they want me to be

I wish that my time in high school is as good as my time in elementary school

In the future I hope I can visit the class and see how my classmates have grown

My wish is that I challenge myself more and try new things

A wish for next year is to do more art like painting.  I want to do art because we mostly draw not paint

What I wish for next year is that the room changes.  I love new changes and if the classes arrangement was different then I would really enjoy that

My goal for next year is to make even more friends in high school and still visit all my friends here at school on TIP days and pro-d days that don’t match up

My wish is to make new friends, to be more interactive like raising my hand and one wish that will always stay with me forever is to always be kind to everyone that I meet

My wish for next year is the grade sevens from this year to come visit

Next year I hope that I make new friends and do well on the tests

I wish to be successful in mini school next year and to get really good at playing the guitar

I wish to make a new friend next year.  All my life I have been a shy flower, my good friends are all moving on in life

My wish is that 3:07MAMc likes her new school and that she has a good time learning there

Next year I want to make new friends in school

I hope that next year all my friends that graduated this year come and visit us lots next year

My wish for next year is that I hope I’ll stay friends with L**** because he’s a really good friend and I wouldn’t want to lose him.

Something I wish for next year is that even though I’m moving schools I’ll keep in touch and visit my friends, classmate and teacher

My wish for next year is to go to more fun places and spend my time last year at Dickens with friends


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