“If you’re not from the Prairies”

Division 16 has been working on writing poems.  We were inspired by a book called “If you’re not from the Prairies” by David Bouchard


Jody read us the book, we used some of our ideas to make a poem based on the book.

The book talks about how cold and how flat the Prairies are and if you’re from the prairies, you have felt things that other people haven’t felt.  The frame in the book was

“If you’re not from the Prairies, you don’t know ______ (cold, snow, sky, flat, sun, trees…)

You don’t know ___________

You can’t know ___________”

We chose something in our life that we thought was very important and that we might have specific knowledge about, and something that we really enjoy.

We enjoyed writing them and putting pictures on them.  It helps us learn more about the other kids in the class.

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by The Baconator and Iron Lanturn


  1. Kathryn aka c***** and r***'s mom

    hi jody

    if your not from the prairies
    is my book
    my heart connection to saskatchewan
    my fellow prairie girl and i both have that and one other that he wrote

    love love love what you did with the kids and that book

    such lucky students
    such creative work
    thank you

    kathryn aka c***** and r***’s mom

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