Belonging Project

This year before our new classmates arrived, we got into groups and planned an activity for them.  This activity is called a Belonging Project.  The purpose of this project is to make the new students feel welcomed.

The first Belonging Project was about finding someone’s name.  We got candy at the end.  (It was yummy).  By the time we finished, everyone had a general idea about everyone’s names.

The next Belonging Project was chain drawing.  We got into groups of 3 and each person drew a part of a creature.  When everyone was done we put them up on the wall.

The third Belonging Project was a scavenger hunt quiz.  16 questions were to be answered by the students and the idea was to have the new kids ask Division 16 alumni (past students) if they didn’t understand the question.

The next one was a writing activity.  Everyone was put into groups and we wrote a story together about a specific theme.

The very last one had not been presented by the time we wrote this, but everyone can hardly wait for it, I wonder what it’s about?

BP             BP2

Yours truly,

Panda Tush and dancing porcupine

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