Student Vote – Federal

This year on October 19 our school will be participating in the Student Vote for this year’s Federal Election.  Students in schools all across Canada will be voting this year for their preferred party.  A voting station will be set up in the library for all intermediate classes in our school.  On the day of the election, they will show the results on the Student Vote although the outcome won’t affect the actual election.


A few students in our class have been asked to think of some questions for the leaders of the main federal parties.  There will be a video Leaders Question and Answer session.that will be shared with all schools participating in the Student Vote program.  Our top question will be selected and we will film a video of ourselves asking the question.  They will show the video at the meeting to the Candidates and then they will give their answers.

This is the third time in 4 years that we have had a Student Vote and we’re all excited. “Participation in Student Vote helped to encourage my parents to vote” says Division 16’s den10@sea43

by den10@sea43, TechNerd and The Bean


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