Student Vote – Jo Jo Quimpo visit

Jo Jo Quimpo was the school’s first candidate of the three that are coming.  First, he spoke about himself and being an immigrant, and coming to Canada and what that was like for him.

Then he spoke about the Conservative Party and what they are trying to change and how they are going to do that. Some of the things the Conservatives are trying to change is to get rid of all the marijuana stores around the school / community areas as well as making marijuana illegal.

After all that talk he took some questions some of which were “what is your take on the housing crisis?” “have you ever met Stephen Harper?” and my question, which was “How much do you have a say into the decisions that the party leader makes?”


by Don’t Let The Muggles Get You Down

Wednesday, September 23, Jo Jo Quimpo, representing the Conservative Party for Vancouver-Kingsway came to our school.  He talked about the marijuana crisis and he said that if he got elected that he would limit the intake of marijuana at marijuana dealers so they wouldn’t overdose.  He would also limit the amount of cannabis stores there could be.  His answer to the question “what will you do about the Syrian refugee crisis?” was to lower taxes for the middle class and to raise taxes for the wealthy.  As well, he would give the refugees safe housing and let them come to Canada.

by xaxo6 04 and SoccerBoy123ABC


Jo Jo Quimpo is from the Conservative Party for the Canada’s Election.  It starts on October 19 and there are 338 seats for the election.  The party with the most votes will be elected and the Leader of the party will be the Prime Minister of Canada.  Jo Jo said that they would take care of families, help with the housing crisis and make marijuana illegal when they are elected.  Then Jo Jo said that when he first met Stephen Harper the leader of the Conservative Party on a plane he was a really nice guy.

by Shadow145

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