Book Review: Speechless



Jody has been reading a book to us called “Speechless”.  It was recommended to her by Tami.  It is about a kid named Griffin who has to do an oral presentation and completely messed up and embarrassed himself the year before.  This year he didn’t want to get embarrassed so he made a fake protest of silence with his best friend, Bryan.  Now he’s not going to speak, all to avoid his oral presentation.

Griffin chose the topic of child soldiers in Africa being forced to fight in wars as the reason for his protest of silence.  Instead of doing an oral presentation, Griffin’s teacher has made him do a 1000 word essay on the children who are to go to war.

Because he hasn’t been able to talk, some people have become annoyed with him.  For instance, the school bully, who wants him to do his math homework.  After a while Griffin actually has tried to speak but now he can’t.

Even though the protest started out fake, he got engaged with the topic after a while.  He’s also learned some things about other people and their connections with his topic. He thought it wouldn’t be a big deal but he’s sometimes gotten himself into a lot of trouble.

den10@sea43 thinks that it’s a great book to read because it is full of detail and true life facts.

The Baconator thinks that it is a good book for older kids because it has a lot of things that I don’t think K,1,2s could handle

baconguy thinks that it is a very good book for an older audience.  It has some very sad facts and parts but it is an amazing book with some good parts too.  Whenever Jody reads it, it makes me feel speechless as well.

Thanks for listening!

by The Baconator, baconguy and den10@sea43


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