Wall Projects

Every year, we do Wall Projects. It’s something everyone looks forward to.  Wall Projects are a fun activity where we make a poster to put up on our classroom walls.

The Wall Projects all have the same meaning.  This year, they will all represent “belonging” and “commitment”.  It’s something that really brings the class together, and without them the class looks bare.

We have just finished our criteria.  The criteria is:


Our class worked together on these and voted.  We are so committed!

At 5 people per team, they work together to make something beautiful and something they can be proud of.  It stays up for the whole year and part of the next year.  Wow, amazing!  I love it! WOOOW!

Sincerely (and I’m superior)

Pandatush and dancing porcupine! woow!

Wall Project is a tradition thing we do in Division 16.  The teacher groups the students in groups of 5 and each group makes a unique Wall Project.  The Wall Project has to be creative.  They are always original and interesting.

by balloongirl123, Amythest, smeagaleater10


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