Flora and Fauna

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A few weeks ago we started drawing watercolour pictures of animals, what we called “Flora and Fauna”, Flora being animal and Fauna meaning plant.  The DUDE painted a picture of a deer and supercheesecake painted a lion.  It was really fun but the process took a long time.  First, we test our colour pencils in our drawing book. Then we took some watercolour paints and started painting.  When we’re done we hung it on the wall in the class.

by the DUDE and supercheesecakes

On the second week of school we did an art project.  The art had to include “Flora and Fauna” which means flowers and animals.  Most of the pictures included a portrait of an animal with plants and flowers in the background.  We used watercolour pencils to create a blended effect in colours and composition.  We really liked doing the art project because it pushed us to use a different material to create our paintings and to go a bit further in detail.  If you come to our class you will notice the Flora and Fauna art right away because it is so colourful and vibrant.

by Rouge and Ginger

Hi!  We’re doing an art project it is called Flora and Fauna (flora means animal) (fauna means plants).  We used watercolour pencils to make beautiful water coloured animals and plants.  Mine’s a lion.  I like lions because they have very soft manes and very sharp teeth but they are deadly but it’s only a painting so nothing to be worried about.  It’s cool to use pencils that need water to use them they look like normal pencils but they’re not.  They need water so get a cup or a bowl and put the water inside.  You can draw deer, birdes, bears, moose, cows, foxes and even penguins.  Plus draw flowers, daisies, roses, violets and sunflowers.  Always get creative and think big.

by crazymemeslol123


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