Math Groups

This term our Math groups are looking at graphs and charts. In Math, we call this Data Management or Data Analysis. We collect data from charts and graphs by finding true statements and inferences. Sometimes we also write about math. Now for math we look at graphs on the election.  It shows previous elections and upcoming elections on who voted, percentage of people voting in Canada or who voted for which party. Tami and Jody have the grade 5s and 6s together in two groups but sometimes we work together.

On Fridays we get information about Historical Mathematicians.  This week we got to learn on Archimedes.  He invented the first Crane, Catapult and the water screw and he discovered displacement when he was in the public bath and when he went out of the bath the water went down.  When he got back in the water rose and he wondered “what can be doing this” and he realized it was the weight of his body that was making the water rise. Then he ran to the king to tell him about his amazing discovery.  He yelled “Eureka” as he ran through the streets naked.


On Mondays starting soon, we are going to be doing Number Operations.  This is teacher talk for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.  We love that stuff.

Karim has a group of all the grade 7s.  We have no idea what they are doing but it has something to do with Data Management as well.

by Joaquin and Iron Lanturn

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