“My Name is Sandeep”

On Tuesday, September 22 we did a writing project named “My Name is Sandeep”. It was about Sandeep, an Indian woman who moved to Canada and everybody misspelled her name and also said it wrong. It was about her always having to repeat her name, but like everyone in the world she’s proud of her name and she won’t change it just so people won’t say it wrong. She also acknowledged that other people like her should keep their names because it’s part of their identity and they should be proud of it.

I think it shows that people are proud and love their name so much that they won’t change it just to remove the hassle of repeating your name every day until others get it right. We talked about it a lot in class and a lot of the people thought that they liked their name even if they had to repeat it a lot for others to get it. We wrote about where our names come from and different times when people have reacted to you if your name is different.

“I think that it is very relatable because my name is very hard to pronounce and people always misspell it and mispronounce it” says Don’t Let The Muggles Get You Down.

Here is a link to the article if you’d like to read it.


by Purple Pickle

“My Name is Sandeep” is about being proud of your name and who you are. Your name is part of your identity. No matter what your name is or wherever it comes from, you should be proud of it. When your name is hard to say and people say it wrong, you sometimes get mad, but when people get it right it makes you feel really happy.

When people say your name right there is joy in you. Joy is happiness. Just because some people say your name wrong, don’t get mad just be confident in you and your name. Your name is very important. Remember that.

by Arctic Owl and koshka2

It doesn’t feel great to have your name mistaken, and it doesn’t feel like a lot of effort goes into people saying names right. The people who make those mistakes are hardly trying, they just read it the first time and say it the way it looks. My name is like another common name but no one gets that name wrong. Even when I try to correct them, they go with another more common name. I remember one time I had to tell a neighbor my name like 8 times and she still didn’t hear it. It felt like she wasn’t listening to me and then thought “close enough” and went with whatever version felt easiest for her.

I feel like the person in the article would have had it worse because they were being changed because they Anglo-sized her name. The people calling her Sandy or Cindy are not paying attention to her and they may know that it isn’t her name. It’s a pretty easy name to hear and I feel like it would be irritating to have others changing your name because they can’t understand that your name is from a different culture.

by Sr. Fruitcake


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