Student Vote Media

Hi Division 16 and families,

I’m super excited to share the video responses from party leaders to our question about the use of fossil fuels.  There were many surprises among the responses, and a good breadth of responses from different parties.

You can watch the videos at the following link.  Please take the opportunity to leave a comment on this post to share your experiences and feelings about the responses, or about the process of asking the party leaders!

Additionally, some students were interviewed by The Tyee, a local newspaper along with me, a secondary school teacher and the head of CIVIX, the organization that runs Student Vote.

You can read the article, “Rise of the Really Really Young Vote” here:



  1. Kathryn aka cooper and reed's mom, musician/vocalist for hire

    That is so neat. Great question from Dickens and pretty darn great that Justin Trudeau and Elizabeth May answered your question directly. This whole Student Vote project is excellent. It is woven into your class lessons and there are so many ways for students to get involved. Thanks Jody for creating such vibrant, real, community aware and active learning in the classroom.

  2. den10@sea43

    I think that it was pretty cool that there where some people the it looked like they have never done this before and they don’t know what to say. Also there where some people that had some really strong opinions on are topic and have a lot to say.

  3. dancing porcupine

    I thought it was really cool that everyone had different answers because I thought that they would all be pretty similar. I was surprised that some people thought that the pipelines were a good thing.

  4. Ginger

    I think that all of the leaders’ answers were true to their party’s platforms and represented who they are. I felt that the answers posted – even from the less well-known parties – reflected what was important to each leader. I think that the answer from Mr. Trudeau was a bit over-prepared and sounded like an ad for ” Story Time with Justin”😀📕. I enjoyed the reply from Anna Di Carlo from the Marxist-Leninist party as she really wanted equality for aboriginal and First Nations people. She felt that if all people were treated equally we would have much less of an environment problem because First Nations would be interested in helping to create solutions.

  5. The Bean

    I think that they could have included a little bit more input from us in the article since we got essentially, four sentences after a half hour interview. Although it was really well written I think she could have benefited from including some of our voting experiences that we shared. I think that if other students here input fem other students who are actually participating, it can be quite motivating.

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