CBC interview

Good evening, Division 16 and families,

Here is the interview from our CBC interview with Jodie Martinson today.

I think you all did such a great job today and I really wish that they could have played the entire class discussion – there were so many important contributions from you all.

Please leave a comment below!

IMG_5139        IMG_5140(1)



  1. The Bean

    Awesome! Do I really sound like that? It was really cool how this time they used more input from US in the broadcast. I think they’ve also done a really good job of using the important bits of what we talked about. But I’m pretty sure we’re a 5-7!

  2. Janice St. Helene

    Div. 16 – So impressed with how well-informed and articulate you are! As a parent, I have really appreciated how your work at school has had an impact on those of us who can vote. The discussions at home have helped me become more aware of the issues and where the various parties stand. Being able to vote and being able to speak out about issues is such an important right. Do you think this experience will make you more likely to exercising the right to vote when you are older?

  3. PointyHedgehog11

    You have really interesting views on political issues and on what politicians should to to make Canada a better place.

  4. Dave

    Incredible job, guys! I was totally blown away. Your answers were thoughtful and informed. It was obvious listening to this interview that you’ve all put a lot of time and energy into thinking about these issues. What an awesome way to represent Charles Dickens!!!

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