Student Vote Results

Happy Election Day, Student Voters!

Sorry for the delay, I just got out of being sequestered at my scrutineering shift!

Here are the results from the Federal Student Vote:

At that link, you can look at the overall vote, the vote by province and by riding.

Here are the results for Vancouver Kingsway:

The results from Dickens were as follows:

School Name: Charles Dickens Elementary
Riding: Vancouver Kingsway

Vote Summary:

Kimball Cariou — Communist Party of Canada = 0
Don Davies — New Democratic Party = 199
Matt Kadioglu — Libertarian Party of Canada = 0
Steven Kou — Liberal Party of Canada = 19
Catherine Moore — Green Party of Canada = 9
Donna Petersen — Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada = 0
Jojo Quimpo — Conservative Party of Canada = 11

Total number of valid votes = 238

Total number of rejected ballots = 2

Thank you again to each of you and all of your hard work in preparing for this election.  Thank you to the Vote Crew and the Polling Station Crew and all of your hard work.

Here is a great website for checking the adult poll information

See you in the morning!


  1. The Bean

    Apparently the student vote results for the whole country was more accurate to the election then the prediction poles.

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