Jody has contacted one of the younger classes at Dickens to be our little buddies class.  The teachers have assigned Little Buddies for us and we have been reading with them so far.  We think that it is a great idea for younger students to have someone to look up to.  Most older students from Division 16 have 1 buddy but some have 2.  The buddies range in ages from 5-7 years old.  We go and see them on Friday afternoons.  I think it is very fun and interesting.

IMG_4929 IMG_4931 IMG_4935

“It is really fun to have someone that you go and see every Friday and they start looking for you and you can feel you have such a big responsibility to take care of them. Also, you get to know them really, really well” – The Baconator

“It is really fun because we get to interact with younger kids” – Iron Lanturn

“Jody tries to pair us up with kids that have similar personalities so that it is fun” – THE MANGO404

IMG_4926 IMG_4928

“Buddies are a very good way to make younger kids more confident in this school” -Ginger

“I think that they are cute and awesome” – den10@sea43

by The Baconator, Crazychicken lover and Iron Lanturn

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