Today, In Division 16, four people from Qmunity came and talked to us about LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) identities.  They talked to us about all the different types of isms such as racism, sexism, classism, ableism, sizeism, and ageism.  They also talked to us about bullying and how it affects people.  They weren’t afraid to add in some humour too.

pride 1

They also told us some of their personal stories of coming out to their friends and families.   We talked about all of the stereotypes associated with different genders.  I’m guessing that no one in the class thought about this stuff until now.  We are thankful for the talk. We liked having the chance to explain some of our understandings and feelings about the topic. They let us get really in depth about the issues surrounding LGBTQ discrimination. We talked about how gender identity, sexuality and sex could be different things.

Qmunity is a group of passionate people who focus on education, support, advocacy and connection of the Queer Community.

Thank you Qmunity again for trusting us with your stories and sharing your knowledge with us.  We have learned so much from you!

by The Bean and Pandatush


  1. Kathryn aka cooper and reed's mom

    Another great speaker in Div. 16. Such a necessary topic to hear about, ponder, discuss for old and young alike. Great work Jody.

  2. The Bean

    Wow, what a great blog post, kudos to the writers. I agree, it’s a very important topic that’s big in the world right now and it’s great that we got the chance to learn about it.

  3. Janice St. Helene

    How great and how important is this conversation? By hearing other people’s stories and participating in honest and authentic dialogue, we create community. Thank you Qmunity , Jody and Division 16.

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