Climate Change – If I were in charge of Canada…

Responses from student reflections on our Hydrosphere guest speaker presentations:

…I would make it a better place but more environmentally focused.

…I would make electric cars cheaper to reduce global warming.  I would also make bottled water more expensive so more people would use tap water.

…I would get a team of about 50 people or so to go around BC to schools and offices to spread awareness about climate change.  I would also enforce a rule / action that certain roads and bridges would be closed off for cars.  That way only bikes, public transit and pedestrians could use those areas.  I think that it would encourage people to use different kinds of travel and to use less energy and gas.

…I would increase the use of solar power or wind power.  I would make people water their yards less and make them use less water.  I would not let bottled water companies take water from Canada for free, I would make them pay.  I would decrease the use of bottled water.

…I would put a limit on how much fossil fuels you could use in a month and put more days that you couldn’t use your lights and other days where you couldn’t use your cars.  I would also make electric cars cheaper and put more charging stations in and less gas stations so it makes more people buy electric cars.

…I would make all of the sinks timed so they didn’t use as much water.  Also I would destroy all gas cars and replace them with electric ones.

…I would make a required amount of window space in houses so there would be more natural light.  I would offer free electric car chargers for anyone who bought a car. I’d create more water smart houses designed similar to our school.

…I would make sure that there were many more electric charging stations and that every house had at least 2 solar panels.

…I would make more electric companies so that it would be more environmental and it would make our country better.

…I want to help the environment by not buying oil using cars but electric car if I can afford one.  I would not cut up a lot of trees if they cut too much we won’t have a lot of oxygen but if we have too much trees the bear population will grow which will be very bad more bears in the city is bad.

…I would make it a rule that you have to conserve as much water as possible especially if there is a drought.  Also another rule that I would make is if there is a drought you can only use a certain amount of water a day or a week.

…I would tell the water park not to use much water and recycle the water that they use, tell people to use more green cars then the gasoline cars.  And tell my people not to use auto sprayer in the garden, use only hose to water the plants.

…I would increase the amount of electric cars on roads to 25%.

…Some rules I would create to help climate change in Vancouver is that Vancouverites can only use a certain amount of water a day or they will be fined unless they’re a company where their water limits will be higher because they might need to use more of it.  I would also give out solar powered heating to stop from polluting the air from regular heating.

…I would tax bad gasses and chemicals that big companies would use and make gas harder to get and cost more.

…I would reduce fossil fuels and stop greenhouse gases.

…I would make a higher carbon tax as a start to see whether we can make fossil fuels in BC/Canada go down.  I would definitely apply a country-wide carbon tax.  I think that carbon emissions could be significantly reduced by making a higher tax and educating more people about the problems involved with climate change.  I’m pretty sure that we could stop or slow climate change significantly if we committed to the cause.  Another thing I would do would be to force companies to have some sort of more environmentally friendly way to do what their businesses do.

…I would say that everyone must save water by using this much water every hour and even if you do exceed it there won’t be a penalty but a lesson.

…I would put a heavier tax on fossil fuels, put a limit on the amount of water a household could consume in a day, place a limit of how high a company could pollute and I would lower them gradually.

…I would build a business that would go door knocking and would try to convince people to save the water that they don’t finish into buckets and then people would come back and collect those buckets and bring them to places that needed more water.

…I would make a rule that says that you can only have max 10 minute showers because doing that would help to conserve water because when you have longer showers that wastes a lot of water.

…I would make sure that every household has a low flow toilet installed.  Also to have only one or two cars per household.  As well as to make sure that each home had a thing to make sure less water comes out of the tap at a time.  I would also say that you can only water your garden once a week.  To have more electric charging stations and to lower the price of electric cars so that people can buy them.  I would also have more buses made and bikes and also have less cars that use gas made.


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