Hallowe’en Kids Books

Recently in Division 16 we have been doing a project called Hallowe’en Kids Books.  What we do is we pick a kids book from a bunch that Jody has chosen and make it scary.  Some of the Children’s books include “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, “Brown Bear Brown Bear”, and “If you give  a Pig a Pancake”.  Jody also gave us paper that we fold in half to use as pages.  We must follow he formula of the children’s book.  It must be complete with coloured illustrations too.  We are still checking if we can read them to our Little Buddies.  We wouldn’t read our book to the Little Buddies if they cannot handle it as it might be too spooky and scary.  We have been working on these books for about a week and we have really enjoyed it as it is scary and fun at the same time.  We can’t wait to show and share them with our friends! We will post pictures when they are all done.

by Baconguy and TechNerd

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