Fin Donnelly

On Thursday, November 12, Fin Donnelly came to talk to us about what he did to make people recognize what we were doing to the environment.  Fin Donnelly is an MP for the NDP in Coquitlam-Port Moody.  He has tried to make laws against pollution.  To get people’s attention he started swimming.  First he swam the Georgia Straight and then he moved up to harder rivers such as the Fraser River!!! It is 1368 Km long.  He swam through whirlpools, boils and rapids.  He even did it twice!  The second time it really caught people’s attention.  Since then, people have been trying to stop pollution seeping into waters and stop issues to make them environmentally friendly!

by the Baconator


Earlier this term, two ladies came to our school to give a presentation.  They were part of a special program made by Fin Donnelly.  Today, Fin came to our school to give us a presentation.  Let’s see how it went:

Fin is known as an MP in Coquitlam-Port Moody but he has also swum the Fraser River twice!  That’s a great accomplishment.  He did this to raise awareness for rivers.  He told us the experience and the struggles.  He even got sick from polluted water.  I wonder how the fish can survive it.  I think it’s really great that someone really cares about rivers and wildlife and I feel better knowing something’s being done.  Fin is an inspiration and he was inspired by another too, Terry Fox.

I had never really though about this.  I never knew that such terrible things are happening to the environment.  Fracking, pollution and climate change, us humans have all caused these things.  Wildlife is suffering because of what we do.  When I grow up, I wish to try and to help the environment!

I really enjoyed Fin’s presentation and for the entire time, I was engaged.  I learned so much and saw things I wouldn’t normally see.

by Pandatush

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