Hallowe’en Kids Books

Division 16 has made Hallowe’en Kids books.  The Hallowe’en Kids books are based on real kids book.  Some books are based on “Runaway Bunny”, “Little Red Hen”, “If You Give A Pig A Pancake” and much more!  What we are supposed to do is turn these books into a Hallowe’en theme.

Ginger and Rouge turned “Mary Had a Little Lamb” into “Mary had a Little Ghost”

Koshka2 turned “The Little Red Hen” into “The Little White Ghost”

Crazychicken lover turned “Today is Monday” into “Today is Sunday”

These books are really awesome.  these books are colourful, cute, amazing, creative and more!  Hallowe’en just got some new kids books!

by Koshka2

A couple of weeks ago we worked on spooky books!  We may read our books to our Little Buddies if they’re not too scary.  We have really enjoyed making and working on these books.  They were really fun and we can’t wait to read them to our buddies.  What we did was we changed a book into a “spooky” book for example, I changed “If you give a pig a pancake” into “If you give a ghost a pancake”.  I’m sure you understand.  Each one of us made our own book unless we had chosen to pair up with somebody.  Now we will take opinions on this project.  The phone lines are open!  Call 9998-talk show BC to tell us your opinion.  Ah here we go, our first caller! den10@sea43 says “It is a great original thing to do with classic kids books also I think it was a great way to remember when I read those books and the past”.  Now we have Purple Pickle, he says “they’re good but we should have made our own stories but overall it was pretty cool and different from all of the activities we do in our class.” Thanks, folks, the phone lines are now closed until tomorrow, folks!

by TechNerd


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