French Food Lotto!

On Monday, January 4, 2016 (Happy New Year!), we played French Lotto.  We started working on learning French vocabulary for food and creating our Lotto cards back in December with Seda and Division 18.  We had to write in French and draw food  in each of the squares.  It is a 5×5 grid and we had to colour it all in.  There was a list of food to pick from that was organized in groups and included French and English.

The food groups on that list were: Fruit (Le Fruit), vegetables (Les Legumes), Fish (Le Poisson), Snacks / Light Meals (Les Repas Legers), Meat (Le Viande), Breakfast (Le Petit Dejuner), Condiments (Les Condiments), Desserts (Les Desserts) and Drinks (Les Boissons).  Lotto is Bingo in French.  If you say “Bingo!” instead of “Lotto!” you are disqualified.

Iron Lanturn says “I enjoyed it”

Super Cheesecake says “It was fun”

Koshka2 says “I swapped sheets with B****** and almost got Lotto!”

This is Baconguy, Den10@Sea43 and Arctic owl signing off!

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