Start of a New Term

Our year has been good so far.  We have been doing art, math, quiet reading, French, Hydrosphere work, gym, integrated study, Student Vote, Wall Projects and more.  We just started a new Read Aloud today.  We can’t wait for this New Year which is going to be so much fun learning everything new.  Also Dylan, our student teacher is going to be teaching the grade 5s and 6s math starting at the end of January.  He’ll be teaching us geometry and more, we’re all very excited for that.

“My favourite part of the year was the first time I came into this class and everybody was so nice to me” quotes Den10@Sea43

“My favourite part of this year was coming back to school and seeing everyone” exclaims Arctic owl

And that’s our year in review.

by Amythest, Joaquin, Shadow145 and purple pickle


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