Wall Projects Completed

For our Wall Project we had to choose a concept from either the word Commitment or Belonging.  We also had to pick a word from a successful group work brainstorm we did.  We chose “Perseverance” and “Commitment”.  First we brainstormed a whole bunch of ideas then we had a vote to pick the ones we liked or wanted to do the most.  Then we decided on one idea and we put it in more detail and then we went to Jody to share our group’s idea.  Jody gave us some feedback and she wanted us to add more and challenge ourselves more or try a new idea.  At first we tried to add more to our original idea but we couldn’t think of anything that we could put in and would make sense, so we dumped the whole idea and came up with two new ideas.  We couldn’t decide which one we wanted to do so we merged our ideas to make one idea and we showed Jody and she said that our new idea was better so we went with the new idea.

At first it was sort of hard because none of us had worked together before.  We also weren’t able to agree on a lot of things so it made it hard for us to progress on our work.  I think we just worked on the things that we did best and if two people were really good at something they would either work together or they would decide they only needed one person working on it then we got to the hard stuff and started working together on it.  We thought it worked well.


It starts with our main person named Ryan being asked if he is going to vote or not.  Ryan says “yes” but when he is voting he decides to spoil his ballot.  After he finds out who won, it’s not someone who will do anything about the refugee crisis. Then he goes to school where they are doing a project where each one in the class picks a country out of a hat and then flies there and learns about what it is like there.  Ryan picks Syria.  He flies there and sees how bad the crisis is and wants to change that.

Four years later, he goes and votes in the election for real this time.  Much later when all the ballots have been cast, he finds out who won and it was someone who will make a difference about the refugee crisis.  Then he becomes really happy and glad that he voted.

We had to meet the criteria to finish our Wall Project.  Here is how we met the criteria.  The first thing in the criteria are the words from belonging or commitment + 1 word from group concepts we mentioned before.  The second thing was the found object.  The found object is an object in the wall project that isn’t part of the materials list.  Ours was a pen.  The third thing on the criteria is show change.  Our change is that Ryan spoiled his ballot for the first election but 4 years later he actually voted.  The next part for our criteria is to have a quote and you can only use 10 words.  We met that by using the quote “Choice can change the world” (which was created by everyone in our group) and we only used 5 additional words.  The 5th part to our criteria is to fill the space.  We did that by making sure we put lots of extra details into boxes that needed more.  Our sixth part of criteria is that you can only use paper, paint, fineliner / black marker and yarn only.  We used paper, paint and fineliner.  The last piece of criteria was to show a question and answer.  Our question was why didn’t Ryan vote in the first place, and our answer was because he did not understand the importance of voting.

by Baconguy, TechNerd, Arctic owl, SoccerBoyABC123 DLTMGYD


Welcome back to another episode of “Talking with Tush and Porc.”  Today we have exciting news.  Plus, joining us today are some special group members who made our wall project possible.  Welcoming to our show, Crazymemeslol123, smeagaleater10 and the DUDE!  Now let’s flashback to the beginning.

We started as a fresh group with criteria to follow.  We had no idea what to do! Finally, by voting and brainstorming, we landed on a topic.  Our words were community and trust/comfort.  The words stood out to us because they reminded us of belonging, and that was the purpose of our Wall Project.  They’re words that everyone can understand.  Wait, they don’t know what we mean by words!  Smeagaleater10, please explain.  Smeagaleater10: “They were the base of all the Wall Projects because they were our guidelines.”  What a great description!  After our words, we took a look at the criteria.  Normally, we could have as many words as we wished to put on our Wall Project.  But this year, a limit was made, only ten words! (Not including the quote).  A question and answer to wrap the whole idea around, the space had to be filled completely, a found object was an extra challenge and we could only use paper, paint, fineliner or black marker and yarn.  In the end, it had to show change (the most important part of it all).  The pressure was on!  We all agreed on yellow paper as our base colour.  We came up with an inspiring story (which will be explained later) to illustrate the Wall Project.  It took a while (roughly 4 months) to finish our Wall Project.  We are all so proud, as Crazymemeslol123 will explain.  Crazymemeslol123: “We felt very proud to have our work on the wall for everybody to see!”.

Even though our Wall Project gleamed with positivity, our process to make it was quite rough. Decisions were made in a way we felt were fair: We voted.  At first we had some trouble focusing, and it was really hard to get work done!  This may explain why we were second last to finish.  The conclusion was that we had all tried our hardest to contribute and it paid off.  Now, for the moment we’ve all been waiting for.


We did it! Our story was about bullying! We all knew it was something everyone could relate to.  There is a kid and the 3 main characters.  The sad child is black and white because he is afraid to express himself.  The three main characters wonder why.  After school, they follow outside and find out he’s getting bullied.  They look around and they see others like the boy.  They wonder what they can do.  They come up with a brilliant idea, to create a program that lets kids be themselves.  They don’t need to worry about bullies any more.  Three months later… the colourless kids have now found their true colours.  The kids are coming out of their shells and expressing who they want to be.  They say something they changed.  The bully comes and they invite him in.  He says something he changed about himself too.  He’s no longer a bully (that’s one of the main changes).  But the main change is that the kids who were once afraid to show their true colours are now who they want to be.  “To find your true colours you must believe they are there”.

Thank you for reading our process through our Wall Projects.

The End.

by Pandatush, Dancing Porcupine, crazymemeslol123, the Dude and Smeagaleater10


This year’s Wall Projects are full of equal rights, environmental activism, friendship and helping others in need.  One of the main reasons Div 16’s Wall Projects are always so amazing is because we make criteria.  Jody likes to say “the criteria is like a safety net, if you meet all of them, you can’t help but succeed.”  This year’s criteria consists of at least one found object (but we had many more), we had to show change, a max of 10 words, there had to be a quote and we could only use paper, paint, fineliner / black marker and yarn.  We also had to choose a word off 2 of 3 webs we made collaboratively.  One of the webs was about belonging, another about commitment and the last was about working together in a group.


Our Wall Project is about a girl in Parliament who has great ideas but everybody’s discriminating against her because of her gender.  There are two males who like her ideas and give her the idea to run for Prime Minister.  She thinks it’s a good idea so she campaigns and shares her ideas.  Everybody likes her ideas and votes for her.  She ends up getting elected.

We met the criteria by using only 5 words, we only had to use 1 found object but a lot of our Wall Project is made up of found objects.  Our question was how will she react to being excluded in Parliament?  The answer is instead of feeling down, she moves forward with the help of others.

How did we decide what to do?  Well, we were thinking along the lines of politics because we had just participated in the Student Vote program and w were inspired by democracy.

Was it hard or easy?  It was pretty easy because once someone came up with an idea we could build on it!

Did it work or not?  We made a lot of changes along the way like adding more “found objects” than necessary.  It still worked because we were all ready to do our best.

Did we use consensus?  We liked an idea that one of us came up with.  We still made some changes to suit us.

by a.ayewthelegend, purple pickle, the baconator


Our story represents co-operation and friendship.  Our story is about cross-race cooperation.  In the beginning there is an Alien and a human who live on rival planets.  There is a lot of conflict between the two.  One day the human travels to the alien’s planet to make a bet.  The bet is on who can make a better planet.  After four years, the two planets were each only half done.  The two rivals met up and made the decision to connect the two halves.  This creates a new planet called Planet “Gelgor”.


This is how we met the criteria: 1. Our two words were friendship and cooperation  2.  Our found object was tin foil 3. Our project showed change because at the start the alien and the human were mad at each other and at the end they cooperate  4. Our quote was “every accomplishment starts with a decision to try” and apart from that we used five words 5. We filled the space by precise measuring 6. We used only paper and our found object 7. Our question and answer was: Q, who can make a better planet? A, both of us if we work together.

At the start of working together, our ideas were different.  As we started to notice similarities between ideas and looked at the multi-race perspective, our tough start turned into an easier beginning.

by Sr. Fruitcake, THEMANGO 404, koshka2, Amythest, Shadow145


Part of our Wall Project criteria was looking at the different aspects of commitment and belonging.  Our group picked “community” and “contribution”. Specifically, our Wall Projects had to include a quote that you either come up with yourself or take from someone.  Our quote was from architect John Portman: “It is through accomplishment that a person makes his or her contribution and contribution is life’s greatest reward”.

We had several different ideas over the course of our decision process but once we reached this, everyone seemed more interested and focused so we ran with it. Our group had some trouble focusing sometimes but when we were all motivated we were able to get lots done.  When we first started we were super productive up until around half way and then we slowed down.  But once we got some help we got back to speed and finished strong.


There was a kid living in a war torn country and he was having a hard time so he moved to Canada.  He came wanting to help the new people that he met in his community, but he was unable to communicate with his fellow students and was discouraged because they didn’t seem to want his help.  Then he met a friend who could help him with that problem, helped him in class and shared that he just wanted to help.  His classmates understood his want to help and they accomplished wonders!

by balloongirl123, super cheese cake, Iron lantern, Crazy chicken lover, The bean


Our Wall Project was about a person who owned a polluting factory and he moves into a very green city.  He wasn’t accepted by his community because he was polluting the environment and going against everything they stood for.  He started using their resources (water, trees, oil) and leaving them in a condition of disrepair and unhealthiness.  He was affected by his mistakes and had a change of mind.  Then he shut down the factory and turned it into a green company.   In the end, the community accepts him and he finally belongs.  There were criteria that we had to meet for this project.  The criteria included a found object, a quote, it has to show change, and two words to create our Wall Project around.  Our two words were “Belonging” and “Reciprocity”.  Reciprocity is like Karma, you treat people the way that you want to be treated and things will turn out for the best.


The project showed Reciprocity because once he changed his company, the community accepted him.  Also in the end he felt like he belonged and that he was allowed to be a part of something.  Our found object was a leaf in the forest.  Our quote was “You are confined only by the walls you build yourself” by Andrew Murphy.

Our project showed change in the main character and his company.  The change is shown in the beginning, because the beginning the person is polluting and hostile and in the end he turns it all around and fixes his mistakes.  Our group was efficient because we all had different strengths and so we were able to work individually on different parts of the project.  We were able to continue to work when team members were not all here.  We all had different ideas and eventually came to a consensus.  Our group had some problems along the way because we disagreed with each other and had trouble working as a team, but overall it was a good experience that we can learn and grow from.

by Rouge, Joaquin, Den10@Sea43, PG Dinosaur



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  1. dylanST

    All the wall projects looked excellent. It was obvious that each group had put a tremendous amount of thought and work into their projects. And the classroom was completed transformed after they were all up on the walls.

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