Subway Maps

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Have you ever looked at a subway map? They’re actually pretty interesting.  They look like a bunch of intersecting lines that take you somewhere.  There are different stations with different names and they’re usually coloured differently so you can tell them apart.  Each of the lines go to different places around the city or country they’re in and are a fast way of getting you around. There are some places where the lines overlap because subway maps are in enclosed places and where they match up and you can go from one subway line to another.  It’s faster than going to the end of one line before switching.

Here, we have lots of skytrains but the maps for those look like subway maps because they’re basically the same thing.

For this project, we turned subway maps into art. We looked at subway maps from around the world.  They were different based on what country they were from. Some were circular, some had lots of complicated lines, some were realistic and some were abstract.  For our work, we looked at different things about us that we thought would be interesting to turn into a subway map. For example, my subway map was about my fears, dislikes, accomplishments and hopes.  Crossovers on my subway map, for example, would be where my accomplishments overlapped with my hopes, like to go cliff jumping, or accomplishments overlapping with dislikes such as sleeping in the basement.

I liked that we got to think of basically anything that really jumps to us and we got to cross it over with something from your life. Designing the maps started out easy but then got harder because you wanted it to take up space but not too much space and leave room for writing, my title and artwork.

When I looked at other people’s work, I learned a lot about other people, what they liked and didn’t like, and what they felt compassionate about.  I was surprised about some people’s choices for their subway map because I thought they would do something much differently.  It turns out they’re a bit of a different person than I thought they were, in a good way! Jody says that people were really courageous with their maps and took a lot of risks.  If I were to do it again, I would put more effort into what I’m thinking about and spend more time on a draft.

by Purple Pickle

*Note from Jody – I don’t know why some pictures are showing up sideways.  I’ll try to fix this on the weekend.




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