Day of Pink Youth Video

Hi Division 16 and Families

Today is “Day of Pink” – a day to celebrate diversity and consider the effects of homophobia and transphobia on our communities.

This morning we watched 5 videos made by high school students as part of the Out in Schools “Rise Against Homophobia” contest and did a bit of writing.

Students asked for the link to be posted so that they could watch the videos again.

You can find the videos here

Some quotes from your writing about these videos:

“Right now the voices of youth seem to have more power than ever.  Because this generation has realized that they way they affect the world now affects how their lives will be in the future. When it comes to issues like homophobia and transphobia, it’s definitely important that youth have a voice, because these issues are evident among youth.”

“The ‘Don’t Hate on Love’ video spoke to me the most because when they compared the two different lives that someone could have it really surprised me.  Comparing them really helped me see the difference, rather than having it told to me.”

“Learning about social issues can change people if they have been through something similar.  People can already be changed if they have been bullied.”

“I think short videos and films are effective ways of changing people’s minds or behavior because they show what’s going on with problems in a format you can really understand.  It’s beautiful to see that teenagers are trying to do something about this”

“You have two identities, one is that you’re a human being and the second one is one you choose yourself and only you are able to make that decision and you can choose to identify yourself as male, female, transgender or genderqueer.”

“Every teen has a voice and that voice can do lots of things”

“These videos are a great way of telling something and changing people’s minds because you get to know what life is like for LGBTQ people. But if you make short videos on accepting LGBTQ people it could make them feel alienated.”

“The videos were effective because people who are LGBTQ or transgender are normal but some other people don’t think that so they call them names to hurt their feelings even though calling them names won’t change who they are”

“The last video we watched was animated by the students and you could turn it into poetry or a song. It was very descriptive and strong because it just told you what was happening in poetic form”

“Short videos are an effective way of sharing a point of view and making someone more interested in a topic.  They leave you wanting more.”

“The message with the hurdles spoke tome because it showed how people can overcome lots of things, but homophobia, which is part of your identity is something people can make fun of you for.  It was net that after he missed this hurdle, someone helped him up and he overcame it in the end which shows how people, with the help of friends, can be stronger than anything, including homophobia.”

“I found the video with the split screen to be powerful.  The way it showed the same situation while being straight and LGBT was very powerful even while being depressing.  It spoke to how much harder it can be to be LGBT in today’s culture.  I wonder whether in an alternate world where most people were LGBT, would straight people be bullied the same way?”

“The video showed me that you can be the reason homophobia stops.  It doesn’t matter which role you play, you always have a part in this change…Imagine if there were no homophobes.  Would these films still exist?  Who taught them to be homophobic in the first place?”

“I think being different is good.  I don’t think LGBT people are different at all, in fact, I’d call them special.  I see LGBT being a very lucky thing.  Why? Because LGBT people show they can take on challenges in life.”



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  1. Aldwyn2000

    wow i really enjoyed the video!!!! i’m glad that u r all learning about the importance of pride in u r!!!

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