Art Project Guest Speaker – Sam


Pandatush: “On Tuesday, a guest speaker, Sam Chrol came and talked to us about the meaning of art and art in general. She really touched a lot of people with this topic and she inspired a lot of people as well because a lot of people came up with new ideas that they might not have ever talked about. Sam broke it down into parts so it could be easily understood because it’s a very complex topic to talk about.  She was very enthusiastic and expressive and you could tell she had a lot of experience working with art therapy. There are unlimited things to think about in this topic.  Art is used every day and almost everything you see around you could be a type of art.

Sam used a creative way to have us think about her topic and she had us fist bumping each other to share our ideas. I liked that because we’ve never done that before and it wasn’t a usual intermediate thing but it made it easier for us to share and not be so serious.

I used to understand art as painting and drawings and sculptures but never as something meaningful. I made art without thinking.  Sam taught me that if thought is put into art it creates a meaning.  Art is more than just painting. Art is songs, dance, books, words and many more too.  Sam taught us that art has change, people are inspired by it.  The creation itself creates more.  It creates thought and passion, imagination and meaning.”

The DUDE: “This is my opinion: What they teach you in school is how to draw the lines and stuff but I don’t think that’s really the point of art, which is what Sam touched on, because art technically comes from your heart not your brain.  Art is how someone feels.  I had quite a few questions about what art meant to other people  When she came to talk to us, she told us things that were true.  She pretty much told us how art means something different to everyone and I liked how much we got to learn from that experience, from someone who knows a lot about art. You could tell she knew a lot because of her passion and because she learned about it in college.  She loves poetry and plays piano.

Overall, I think you could say that she doesn’t just know a lot about art, she knows a lot about the arts.”


Quotes from our Reflections:

“I thought Sam’s presentation was very insightful to what art can be and who decides the meaning of the art. I learned that art can impact communities, the world and our own lives, to express feelings or can be used and made for the audience to understand what the artist’s perspective is.  Art can also be used to spread a message / awareness like climate change or free the whales. I thought about how you can perceive the meaning of art differently if you have certain knowledge or persistent beliefs.  I think that you can also interpret art from both your head and heart.”

“Today Sam showed a new way to look at things which was very inspiring. Previously, I had little respect for therapy (even with art), but today, Sam showed a new way to look at things, which was very inspiring.  On top of that she showed so much enthusiasm toward what she was doing in a way that really engaged us.  I think she has set the bar very high for other guest speakers.  Her presentation showed us that the meaning of art is up to interpretation from both artist and consumer / viewer.  I think that it is almost more interesting that everyone in the classroom’s opinion was different about sides of art.”

“When Sam said the musicians helped de-escalate the cold war I remember my Dad teaching me about that certain time period and that helped me begin to enjoy history study as much as math and science studies. I know a lot more about art therapy and the different ways we perceive art and their feelings surrounding art and the process it takes to lodge itself in people’s emotions.”

“She didn’t just tell us what it is but let our brains do some thinking as well. She showed that art is not just some boring and dull thing but that art is different for everybody. You could say art is a bucket of colourful crayons.  Art can inspire us for what we might love to do but do not know what that is yet.  It also may show us who we are in our very different lives.”

“I just thought of art as colourful decoration but now when I look at some of the stuff we’ve got up on the walls it’s almost like looking at completely different art. I now notice symbols and patterns that I would have passed off as splotches.  I’ve also started trying to imagine the perspectives of some of the artists in the paintings and how they convey their emotions using different colours and shapes.  It has made me appreciate the art more and think about the process and the meaning and not just how pretty it is.”

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