Reel 2 Real Claymation video

Earlier this month, we went on a field trip to the Reel 2 Real festival where we attended a Claymation stop motion workshop and also a documentary film festival.

You can see a video of our (and other school’s) stop motion films here:


Here is some feedback from our class about the festival:

“R2R should continue because it takes things from the other side of the world and shows it to kids over here so they can see what it’s like for them and kind of share the differences, exposing us to things we might not otherwise see.

With the documentaries it’s a kind of film not many kids see. A lot of kids don’t watch documentaries, so it’s exposing kids to a different kinds of film.  The film choices were good because they showed different subjects and from different parts of the world

The topics were excellent for our class because we enjoy grappling with complex topics like difference and making change.

This was a great way to get information into kid’s brains because I find with modern technology, documentaries have been effective to people who watch them.  Having a visual about what it’s like in different places is powerful.

The documentaries they chose were powerful because they showed things that were hard for the subjects, but also things that were fun to film and it wasn’t a sad topic but some were kind of depressing so I think they chose good variety

The Claymation was a great opportunity to learn from. It was good for kids to learn because we watch cartoons and to see how it’s done and get the opportunity to make our own was a good chance to learn more

I really liked the Claymation because they didn’t just show you or tell you, you really got to do it, if you wanted to do it again later.

My opinion about Claymation changed because I always thought it was easier. It took us a long time to do it and it was just a 5 second film.  I underestimated how hard it was to make things out of clay.

My opinion about Claymation changed because I thought it was just for adults but kids can do it too

They did a good job of keeping the films objective – they showed us a lot of information and put us in the lives of those people but they showed all sides of it so that you can create your own opinion about the topic.

I think that the Claymation was amazing experience because not only did you get to go through the whole process of making a short skit, you got to make things and then also I appreciate the films a lot more than if I didn’t do it.

I think that the Claymation was fun because you got to make a cartoon and then be very proud of yourself for making a film out of clay

I thought that the Claymation was fun and really interesting because you got to learn how to make the films and the clay and there was always something for you to do – one group makes the film and the other groups were making letters or faces

Doing the Claymation was really exciting because one bit of it was very fun and free-going to make a movie but at the same time it was cool because you got to learn how they make actual films. It felt good to be like the director of Wallace and Grommit or something.

I thought it was a unique opportunity because if we are just playing with clay at our house we don’t get tips or advice from professionals or to make our own films so it was a great opportunity

I really liked that they gave us a brief introduction but then let us figure it out for ourselves. That led to more creative work.

The reason that the film festival inspired me was that you could have a non-true and also a powerful film that can change someone’s perspective on a topic it inspired me

If you make an empowering movie that is fiction you can still inspire people.”

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