Spring Fling Craft

Hi Division 16 and families,

We decided today on the craft we will be creating for Spring Fling.  We will be making hanging planters from reusable / sustainable materials.

Here are two pictures of a sample:

jar 1                 jar 2

We are looking for donations to help  maximize our fundraising potential for our year-end field trip to Playland.  We are looking for:

  • jam / mason / food jars (250 ml-ish size)
  • small mason jars
  • small bottoels
  • old cups /glasses / mugs
  • string
  • pebbles
  • potting soil or good garden soil
  • appropriate seeds (herbs, flowers, lavender, ornamental plants etc)

We will start putting them together over the next couple of weeks!



One comment

  1. Kathryn aka cooper and reed's mom

    I love the idea! I was just talking about a home made hanging plant pot that i adored year back! I will send some potting soil in with cooper this week. Kathryn

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