Back to School Hooray!

Well hello there, Division 16 and alumni!

sept 6

What a summer!  I’m really excited to see you all on September 6 at the school.

Remember, the first day is just an hour – it gives us a chance to say hello, catch up and see who arrives!  If you are unable to attend on the first day, please remember to give the school a call and let us know.  We want to make sure we are all planned for you!

Tami, Karim and I have been already talking and emailing and texting a lot about our first project, which we think you will really enjoy, and we will have some new community members to welcome on that first week back! What a treat.

If you’d like to get in the swing of things, you could comment on this post by sharing one experience you had this summer that changed your point of view.  Make sure you describe the experience as well as how it changed your point of view.  It could be something simple like reading a book that was introduced you to a new perspective or a trip with your family where you found out something new about yourself.

This is optional, but I’d love to hear your responses 🙂

I can’t wait to see you all.





  1. den10@sea43

    What I learned is how much time and effort it takes to be a teacher. My mom just got a full time job at an elementary school and since the begging of August she has been working in her classroom all day, organizing her stuff and making plans for the new year!

  2. Pandatush

    I learned the point of view on how to be independent; How you can’t rely on people to help
    You in every situation in life. My brother left for two weeks during the summer for a cadet training camp. I used to rely on my brother to help me solve the problems that were in my life. He was always down the hall in his room. When I needed a smile, he was there. When I needed an answer, he was there. But this time, he wasn’t. I learned how to be independent by solving my own problems. I did my own thinking and I found ways to make myself happy. I found my own solutions. I know he won’t be here forever and one day he’s going to go to another camp like this, so I thank him every day for helping me become me. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish everything I have in my life without him.


    I learned this summer that you can’t achieve anything great without really hard work. I have been practicing baseball a lot more, riding up to Trout Lake and hitting. This means after I eat breakfast, I pack my baseball bag and head out on my bike by myself to the baseball diamond. For two months I have been able to hit the fence a lot but I’ve never been able to hit one over it. Today, my hard work paid off because I finally hit one over the fence.

  4. LinhAsTheWind

    I learn that being responsible is a big change in life. I got a email from my church for being a sever. A job that has to be ready for anything to happen, being there for the new severs. It’s just a big change in life. Now I can do any job that I want. This September 10 I will be going to D******* to get my metal. There are not many girls that are severing, most of them were forced. I went at my own will. It’s was like God was telling to me. Now I know I can do anything right at church.

    I borrowed a ton of books this summer, I wanted to read “Darren shan” Again. I read this over around 10 times, it’s the way you voice your character in your own way. Darren was turn into a vampire at just the age of 12.
    this story may not be real, but by having something like that it’s can change your mind if your write a book, you can be creative.

    P.S It’s me Koshka2

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