VPD Internet Safety Workshop


Today our School Liaison Officer, Constable Heather Montgomery, came to our school to talk about Internet Safety.  She shared quite a lot of stories about people who didn’t take the proper precautions on social media and the consequences of unsafe actions.  The only social network she talked about in depth was Facebook.  For Facebook you have to be 13 or older or have parent permission.  She talked about not having a computer in your bedroom and having parent supervision when you’re online. This is important because adults don’t want their kids staying up late with their computers, and you have to be careful about webcams.

She told us to give only the information that was required when making an account on social media, and use the privacy settings.  She also told us if you are being texted, emailed or called by someone that you don’t know, tell your parents or a trusted adult. She talked about how if you were chatting with someone online, and they ask you to meet up, talk to an adult first and get some advice.  Also, if you make a mistake, own up to it and talk to an adult as soon as possible.  They can help fix it.


Online gaming was an important part of her presentation because a lot of kids in this generation play video games.  There could be quite a lot of bullyers or pedophiles on the game looking for people to talk to and maybe eventually track down.  If someone is saying things or asking you questions in an online game, don’t respond or ask them to stop asking you or you could block them if they don’t respect your privacy.

One of the big things she talked about, because it’s a very important part of internet safety, is cyberbullying.  She gave us advice like don’t post anything you wouldn’t be proud to have your grandma or the world see, and don’t ever post anything about someone else without their permission.  Adding on to that, maybe you would ask your gut first before posting anything at all.  Future jobs or Universities may check you out online and you want your profile to be clean and positive.

We’d like to say a big thanks to Constable Montgomery for helping us to be more aware and safe online.

by the engineer and smeagaleater10



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