Half Brother Book Review

Spoiler Alert!


Half Brother is a book about a 14 year old boy named Ben who moved to Victoria from Toronto to teach a baby chimp sign language.  Ben is very shy, and at first, he didn’t really accept Zan because he thought that his parents seemed to love Zan more than they loved him, so he felt excluded and jealous.  Ben got a lot of anger at the beginning of the story because he has to leave Toronto and he didn’t want to leave his friends behind.  He felt he wasn’t consulted on any of the decisions.

He is an only child, his Dad works at a University and his Mom hasn’t finished school yet.  Because Ben has no brothers or sisters, Zan is like a brother to him. His Mom and him participate in teaching Zan ASL (American Sign Language) due to the fact that it is physically impossible for chimps and other animals to speak human languages.  In his first couple of weeks, he makes a couple of friends, one seems dangerous but the one he is going to school with seems okay.  Ben becomes fairly popular in his first month at his new school because of the fact that he has a baby chimp as a brother (especially with the girls!)

Here are a couple of reviews from the people in Division 16:


I think the book “Half Brother” is an extremely original story and that’s one of the main things I like about it.  Also, Kenneth Oppel wrote it as though it actually happened in the past and that makes it easy to believe that it actually happened.

Pink Pickle:

I think “Half Brother” is an extremely interesting story.  It is very original and I like the time he put in to writing it.  It makes you wonder how Kenneth Oppel got the idea for the book in the first place.


I think “Half Brother” is a very creative topic and we get to know a lot about the chimp and the people throughout the story.

Interested?  Read it yourself!

by LordOfThePies05 and Pink Pickle



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