Vancouver Public Library Field Trip

Going to the Vancouver Public Library was a great learning experience, mainly amplified by the fact that we were able to access a computer research room with no expenses.  From the VPL website, we found links provided on the website that led us to other learning pages.  In Scavenger Hunt style, we used the pages to discover information that we were told to find.  In the process of searching for information, we discovered websites with very misleading data, such as one explorer who apparently made a website in 1497 and had mixed up dates. Part of the lesson was using databases and evaluating the value of online resources.

vpl-2  vpl-3

Next we had a quick lunch break in the courtyard of the Central Branch.  It is huge and tall with a glass ceiling.


After lunch, we took a trip up to the Inspiration Lab, which interestingly was designed by A*****’s Mom, the head librarian.  It had recording booths, computers and Epson film readers.

Near the end of the day, we saw a list of books that had been dubbed as some of the best children’s books by a librarian named Linda. Some of the books she shared, we had read as a class.


At the end, we were able to have 30 minutes of reading and browsing time and at the end we were able to take out some books.


We took Public Transit both ways and luckily realized once we had boarded that it was free transit week for school students, so we all got our $3.50 back at the end of the day!

by KILIMANJARO and xaxo045



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