Powys Launch Box


A guy named Powys came in to talk to us about food.  Powys talked about food waste which was really interesting.  We all learned something we didn’t know before.  He also talked about how much sugar there was in some food.  He was from an organization called Launch Box which helped prevent food waste.  The message I got from what he was talking about is that you shouldn’t let the fact that a box might say what is inside is low fat, but if you look on the back it might be really high in sugar so he said not to be fooled. powys-3

You shouldn’t be fooled by advertising or the words on the box.  you always need to check the nutritional information on the food.

I was thinking about the idea he shared about his friend who was misusing food in a grocery store, while at the same time, people in our city were hungry.

Powys showed two things that I liked learning about.  He showed different drinks and how much sugar each had.  He showed the places in your body that look like body parts.  For example, walnuts look like a brain and are good for your brain.


by Time Traveler

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