Our Self Portraits

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For the last two weeks, we have been working on self portraits.  Basically each and every one us must draw a picture of ourselves but with a knack, we have to add colours and designs to make the portraits as beautiful as possible.  Another special part about the self portraits is that Jody gave us some pictures of ourselves that had been made pale which we put under a blank sheet and then put on to the window.  The idea was that we could trace the bolder lines from the photograph by using the sunlight from the window.

We also had to draw a word in fancy lettering above our heads that we think describes us.  We used words like “integrity”, “diverse” and “optimistic”.  It helps us get to know each other and understand each others’ personalities right away.

I think it is going very very great and they are looking very beautiful.  They made the classroom look more lively.

by the engineer


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