Virtues Project


Virtues are something that you’re made of. Virtues are different from Values because Values are something you cherish or treasure.  Values can be specific to a particular religion, country or people, but Virtues are your qualities and they are true in all cultures.  Virtues are something you can show or reflect.

Virtues make lots of things easier, especially when you’re talking to others.  They also may help others respect you more. It’s kind of like treat others how you would like to be treated.  When you look at the list above, you can reflect on your own strengths or Virtues and start to recognize them in others and yourself.


We also learned that we have some virtues and others have different virtues and that we need help with other Virtues or just a little more practice with them. We started Virtues Project on Wednesday afternoons two weeks and we will have 7 sessions total. We also are doing weekly blog assignments on the Virtues Project.


Naslishah, thank you for your generosity coming in to teach us about Virtues on your own time.

by S.P.E.W. and apple-juice injuryABC123

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