Propaganda and Political Messaging

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We are studying democracy in a project called Student Vote.  Jody showed us famous political and propaganda posters from history and modern times. One of our favourites was the “Make Art Not War” poster.  We looked at other images (for example Rosie the Riveter, the United States “I want YOU” and “Loose Lips Sink Ships”.  And then we talked about them and we made our own posters.

We talked about how images and words can help to convince people of a point of view or values.  We talked about how certain posters were aimed at certain groups of people.  We also looked at political messaging from political campaigns and talked about the values and ideas they were trying to share.

Our job was to make a poster with a message that you believe in in the style of the images we talked about.  Some of the characteristics were bold letters and a plain background.  Our posters included topics like war, the ecosystem, racism, respecting objects, pro exercise, community effort, doing the right thing, animal cruelty, freedom, confidence in others education, cancer, littering and feminism.

We think that it’s a good way to express ourselves and to learn about the world around us.  Also, it’s a really good way to express our opinions!

by The Time Traveller, Amythest, Sparkle Sloth and super cheese cake

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