In Student Vote, we learned about democracy.  We watched a video about democracy and played a few games.  The video was about different types of governments.  Some are good and some are sort of a betrayal of their own people.

We learned that even though the Queen of England is our queen too, she isn’t the person who makes the decisions, it’s the Prime Minister.

The game we played was called “Survivor Island”.  In the game we had to make groups and make decisions, like if there will be a leader or not and if there will be a list of rules.  This game showed us about decision-making and what you have to do to make a system that works.

We learned that the definition of democracy means respect, freedom and trust and everyone gets to speak.  This is mostly everything we’ve learned about Student Vote so far.

by Flying Giraffe, the engineer, Skoule, Grass, French Waffles

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